Complete Organization, Data & Impact Management

Sahaj Connect

For all your supporters, contacts, donations and campaign management

Reach potential supporters and engage deeper with your donors to cultivate lifelong relationships that help your organisation reach its targets.

Capture both online and offline donations at one single place.

Create different views and filters to analyse donor behavior and affinity.

Generate tax exemption receipts and send Thank you emails to make the donors feel appreciated.

Share different mail campaigns on different occasions to keep the donors engaged.

Test which campaign to launch with A/B techniques to reach optimal campaign goals.

Sahaj Impact

For project and related communication, budget and impact management

Gain access to CSR funds for your projects with corporates committed to your cause using our simple, intuitive and end to end project management tool.

Create high impact projects and get them endorsed by committed corporates with CSR Budget.

Take charge of whom to partner with and share projects exclusively with your corporate partners.

Manage project related discussions at one place without having to sift through multiple mail threads.

Track project milestones and monitor project KPIs with intuitive graphs.

Share project updates, photos, videos, resources seamlessly with corporate partners.

Export Project proposal plans with one click for offline pitches.

Sahaj Expense

For claims and reimbursements approval management and settlement.

Manage employee or member expense claims quickly and easily with controlled approval flows and settlements.

Manage your expense reports the way you want by creating monthly, weekly or occasion based reports.

Take charge of approval of reimbursement claims that match your policy.

Add members and set strict access control for a tight approval flow.

View expense breakups and bills at one place.

Approve & reject expenses with comments for the employee.

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