Our Vision

What We Stand For?

Our Genesis

Years of experiential learning, getting our hands dirty, several journeys in the hinterlands of the nation, juxtapositioning the gaps and challenges faced by communities far and wide, have brought us together to attempt to achieve successes like the Polio-eradication campaign across multiple social challenges, as we see them.

It all started with anchor validations in 2012 while pursuing the Young India Fellowship Programme at Ashoka University. Diverse backgrounds and diverse outlooks, but an unflinching commitment to solve the toughest of the challenges which the development sector faces (not enough collaborative action), made us zero in on the very idea of venturing out.

This was followed by a year spent in Germany, as Alexander von Humboldt Fellows, where we took a deeper dive into the development landscape from researchers’ lens, got involved in the UN SDSN Youth movement and witnessed the SDGs shaping the global language for development from close quarters. We envisioned bridging the gaps between the communities in need of interventions and the most powerful and promising vehicles of bringing the much-needed change. Innovation, Collaboration and Technology formed the bedrock of our operating model, in a space which rested on trust and transparency.

In 2015, our vision took the shape of an organisation and we registered LetsEndorse Development. The rest, as they say, is history.

We have been growing and evolving since. The LetsEndorse team today is an eclectic mix of technologists, social impact enthusiasts, social scientists, economists & bankers who have been through their journeys with Goldman Sachs, Wipro, Cognizant, several Startups, IITs, NITs, IIITs, TISS, Ashoka University among others. Our singular vision and steadfast fidelity to that defines who we are. UBUNTU.

— Monika & Varun (Co-founders, LetsEndorse)

Our Core Values

Our core values are built upon several guiding principles and that’s why we call it- ‘The Spiral of Growth’. We are growing every day, a little older and a lot stronger. While riding along our growth spiral, we have incorporated these 7 canons that shape us as a powerful organisation because we hold power in abiding by our vision to make an everlasting impact.

Set, Let and Act

We believe in setting objectives by leading from behind with a purpose to evolve as a family, letting people join aboard who believe in our beliefs (and help the collective forge new ones), and then acting upon the values through convergence, collaboration and compassion.

Right Over Easy

We take honour in choosing what is right over what is easy. Honesty, sincerity and standing true to our core makes us stand. Each member is self-reliant to act introspective and learn as long as we are consistent with our morality and integrity.

Diversity and Inclusion

We embrace diversity with trust in a way that our people can trust us with their identity. We acknowledge, respect and value everyone’s background, opinion and experiences creating a respectful environment.

Becoming better, every day

Our discipline (rather, self-discipline) forms the bridge between our goals and accomplishments. In a lean team, we all try to be a better version of ourselves each day. A relentless pursuit to act responsible, productive and take ownership is core to us.

Where It All Begins

There’s no destination without motive. Motive is that paramount pillar that has outlined us to be a ‘impact-first’ organisation. In our story, the most precise chapters are pride, empathy and action because we pursue long term impacts. We make consistent and sincere efforts to eradicate the world’s toughest obstacles from the map and this very motive drives us ahead. This also means no compromise with our ethos of always placing “Impact over Profit”

Empathy Over Sympathy

Rather than surface-level acknowledgement and communication of someone's feelings or situations and instead of feeling with them, we feel for them and see things from their perspectives. This helps us connect more deeply, acknowledge biases and make genuine attempts towards fitting innovations and actions.

Multiplier Effect

We value scale and build for scale, which reflects in our approach towards projects, our priorities and overall architecture. We strive to reduce reinvention of the wheel and invest our energies in scalable interventions, preferably those which are well-rounded and promise a foreseeable multiplier impact.

How We Inculcate Our Values:

Our collective coherence, conviction and camaraderie is beautifully summed up by this famous latin phrase, ‘Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno’ meaning ONE FOR ALL, AND ALL FOR ONE. With the inspiring influence of this phrase, we have listed the top 10 values that we always stand by.

  • Impact first: It is the ‘Impact’ we strive to create and uphold as we exist as a social enterprise.
  • Honesty and Pride: We are honest to our beliefs and are proud to be working towards a common mission of eradicating societal challenges at scale.
  • Equality and Empowerment: People are unique but more importantly are equal. We strive to empower the being of each community with utmost attention and care.
  • Sustainability and Growth: We bring across innovations that promise to solve world’s toughest challenges and make it grow into a better place.
  • Ownership and Sincerity: We take ownership in what we idealise and we build solutions with great commitment, keeping scale in mind.
  • Authenticity: We remain true to who we are, what we do and who we serve which stands to be non-negotiable
  • Transparency: Our whole philosophy is transparency. Enough said.
  • Teamwork: We trust that the best way to grow is to grow together and achievements follow through.
  • Persistence: There is no stop to our action! We are magnetic to the fact that the world is changing and so are our approaches. At the end of it all, we are connectors. We are catalysts.