About LetsEndorse

We are a team of enthusiasts with a strong belief that a conscious, connected and well-informed community can be a power-house, effective, regular and transparent communication can build the strongest bridges, and active collaboration can solve every social challenge

We are connectors. We are catalysts. We are YOU!

Meet LetsEndorse's amazing team who makes it all happen!

Monika Shukla


Varun Kashyap


Vishal Gangwar


Taneea S Agrawaal

Product and Partnerships

Shiv Hastawala

Communications and Outreach

Saudamini Khare

Affiliate Networks

We envision a society where everyone has a stake in solving local and global developmental issues, and exists a robust support-system for every noble intention to transform into action. We envision a cohesive future, together, collaboratively, and sustainably.