About Us

LetsEndorse is a collaborative ecosystem of social innovators from across the globe, grassroots partners (NGOs) from across India, responsible corporations, Governments and conscious individuals, who come together to take the most effective and befitting social innovations and solutions to the last-mile communities, thereby solving their problems. Inspired by the success of the Polio eradication campaign, we believe that large-scale problems are solvable and CONVERGENCE is the key.

In our quest to solve people’s problems at scale, sustainably and irreversibly, we enable social innovators/entrepreneurs to reach the unreached via partnerships with grassroots organizations and local Governments.

We facilitate development capital in the form of large-scale philanthropy, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) investments, individual giving, venture capital and international finance to maximise social returns on these investments.

Our multi-stakeholder technology platforms and tools enable high operational and financial efficiencies and transparency in the entire process of bringing change, thereby keeping everyone informed about the nuanced challenges, solution-centric interventions, operational aspects including milestones, outcomes and impact and overall sustainability.