A hands-on science lab-in-the-box

To inculcate scientific aptitude amongst children in your nearest Government School, using hands-on DIY scientific experiment kits. Because when they do it themselves, they learn it. Also because they are worth it :)

That footpath school or the one under the flyover

How about installing a portable shipping container there to dispel noise and sun and rains? And making it a beautiful, well-insulated classroom? Why think outside the box when it can be so wonderful inside? :)

Math, make it a tad bit easy for them

Rote learning, poor teaching methodologies and infrastructural woes, make children in Government Schools hate maths. How about gifting the young ones DIY kits full of colorful manipulatives for a fun learning experience?

Because managing emergencies is not as easy for them

Know of a slum community or a high school, where access to sanitary napkins is problematic. Why not empower them with a convenient option of a sanitary napkin vending machine? Oh! and incineration too. #NoEmbarrassment

Because it is tabooed and they don't know anything about it

How about making students learn about puberty, menstruation and hygiene by means of colorful comic books (in different languages), which they can read and pass on? Already know of a school, where we can together make this happen?

Let's bring lights to their evenings

So many children live in areas where electricity is elusive. The result? Loss of productive learning hours, in addition to the other infrastructural woes! A solar-powered lamp or a school-bag that doubles up as one, comes to their rescue.

For they cannot see the letters, forget learning them

So many children in low-income schools have undiscovered and untreated vision ailments. What is their fault if they cannot see the blackboard in the first place? How about picking a few schools and ensuring check-ups and spectacle provision there?

Self-sufficient street lighting, electricity or no electricity

A dark stretch of street in your locality? How about bottling up solar energy and using them as light bulbs and all of it, using discarded plastic bottles? Let us know and we shall light up that nook for you!

From an unused patch of land to colorful seating/play area

Seen a patch of unused land at the corner of your street? Or a common dumpyard? Or a namesake playground in Government Schools? Let us know and we will do magic with believe-it-or-not, old tyres!!

Technology to the rescue, all hail solar

A drive down a mud road from the city, there are so many low-income schools without proper electricity, teacher-student ratio, etc. Let us make the classrooms smart, power e-lessons with solar energy, install projectors, voice-overs and more!