These comics provide a friendly guide to periods which help girls and women stay healthy and active during their periods, thus eradicating the taboo about menstruation.

Menstrupedia is an entertaining educational comic book about menstruation that helps young girls learn about menstruation on their own. The training video for teachers makes it extremely easy and comfortable to conduct a menstrual awareness workshop. Their educational material is already a part of school curriculum in more than 75 schools across India, available in 11 different languages (English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Nepali, Spanish and Russian) and are now translating it in more and more languages on a regular basis. Through collaboration with various organizations in India as well as in other countries like Nepal and Uruguay they ensure that this educational material reaches people across the world.

The innovation


It is estimated that in the coming 5 years, 18 million women won't know about menstruation due to lack of proper educational material and tools for this subject. Menstrupedia comics distributed among the participants continue to educate beyond the sphere of workshop and educate many more people in case they exchange hands. This makes the approach very scalable. The book accompanied with the trainer video, standardize these workshops and ensure that all the necessary topics are addressed properly while at the same time reducing the need for specialized trainers for conducting workshops.



Menstupedia has reached 70,000 girls so far and 75 schools use their online illustrated guide on menstruation every month to teach the students about periods.

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