Swastha - Raising nutrition levels of underprivileged kids

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  Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Swastha - Raising nutrition levels of underprivileged kids
Providing a 9-grain supplement porridge to underprivileged children designed to combat malnutrition

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Back in 2006, Ashwini Charitable Trust noticed a common habit among its students which was going to school on an empty stomach because the mothers could not afford to provide a morning meal for their kids. So, the team brainstormed and the result was a protein mix that supplements the nutrition that they lacked. With the help of a volunteer, they came up with one of the best protein supplements they could provide as breakfast to their students which was further endorsed by a renowned dietitian in Bengaluru. This project is to not just build immunity of the students but that of their families as well since the supplement is given to each student to carry home.



About 8 mothers of our students volunteer to prepare this protein mix. The quantities are prepared in a round figure of 65 kg once in 6-8 weeks in bulk, transferred into a jar that can hold about 500 grams each and then dispensed to the students. These mothers are all well versed in the old school techniques that our forefathers used for filtering and sieving nutritious grains. They avoid using modern technology as they fear that the methodology will cause the grains to lack the nutrition it is to provide, which is the primary purpose of the project. Their parents are then asked to provide porridge made out of this supplement to their kids as breakfast every day. 

The porridge shall be distributed every morning as breakfast supplement to 40 children at Government Tamil School, Murphy Town and 180 children from Ashwini's centers, for one full year. These will be provided every morning by mixing with water. At this stage of production, the cost of provisioning porridge to one child for a month is INR 184.75.



In less than a year after the first round, there were visible improvements in the health conditions of the students. They claimed to feel much more active and energetic after beginning to consume this drink on a regular basis. Students have also reported that it enables them to concentrate much better in class and during self-study hours as a direct consequence of its consumption. Over a period of time, improvements in the hemoglobin, wellness and immunity levels of the children were visible. Also, not to forget the frequency of the kids becoming unwell due to lack of immunity power has reduced significantly. There has been an upliftment in the lifestyle and health of their families which saves them income that is spent on hospitals and medicine while their children fall ill. Facilitated by LetsEndorse, several other organizations are now willing to use this nutritious porridge mix for their respective schools, helping this porridge mix touch lives far and wide and making this a sustainable social enterprise in the near future.

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