Support Transport cost for 45 ProActivers at Gubbachi Learning Community.

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  Kodathi, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Support Transport cost for 45 ProActivers at Gubbachi Learning Community.
Help us set up the commute arrangements for Gubbachi ProActive.

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In the two years that we worked wiith our flagship program, Gubbachi Connect  - to mainstream 'out of school' children into a Government school -  we faced particular challenges with the pre teen /teen age group.They were harder to retain and were powerful influencers of younger children ( 6-9 years) in the program. 

In communities where schooling successes are rare, the pre teenager and teenager comes under great pressure from the family to earn or is pulled by the lure of street life, away from formal learning. Marriage is the only viable option offered to teen girls.

Hence the genesis of Gubbachi ProActive - a targeted program designed to increase the retention of 'at risk' pre teens and improve his life chances.



Gubbachi ProActive will be based on a stimulating and holistic curriculum - a balance of academics and hands on activities - that takes into account the pre-teen's need to be active and autonomous.

\With 30 young adults already actively engaged with Open Schooling and more to be identified in fresh surveys, we have a great need to transport them everyday to our Learning Centre and to off sites like a bakery or a paper unit for hands on activities and experiential learning.

Help us bear the costs of safe transportation for our ProActivers so she/he becomes a confident, eager learner with the silent ability to inspire his entire community!



Every child in a migrant community is part of a larger family - her proximal community , other than her own family. One child that is out of school affects the confidence of all other children in the community to enter school. Conversely every child in an underprivileged community who goes to school serves as a huge catalyst for other children to go to school. 

Once the teenagers commit to education - our success in getting younger children around him - increases and the community as a whole buys-in to the idea of education in the long run..

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