Oorja - Solar-powering Disha Seema residential school

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  Kharagpur, West Bengal, India

Oorja - Solar-powering Disha Seema residential school
Solar-roofing Disha Seema residential school for clean, reliable, sustainable and 24/7 energy access

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Disha Seema is a residential school at IIT Kharagpur (right behind Rural Development Centre) hosting 300+ students from underprivileged backgrounds in rural West Bengal, Jharkhand and Orissa. It was established in 1992 by Hansa Nundy, a 1964 alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and the first woman to graduate from the Electrical Engineering Department. Disha operates on a six acre lot leased to the Jyoti Development Trust, where the entire residential facility is built. As a charitable organization, the residential school faces issues with coping up with high electricity bills averaging about INR 25,000 per month. The amount usually shoots up in winters when electricity consumption increases. In a move towards reducing these avoidable costs and ensuring all-time access to energy, Disha plans to solar-power its facility and opt for a cleaner and sustainable mode of energy.



Started by a few alumni of IIT Kharagpur, Zunroofs has been engaged to solar-power the facility. Installation of a turnkey grid-tied solar PV system is proposed and has been optimized to ensure maximum returns on investment in the form of savings from the high electricity bills. A 15kW Grid-connected PV system has been found to be the most optimal for the facility's annual electricity usage of 30k units per annum and a sanctioned load of 15kW.


- Polycrystalline PV (250 W or 300 W each) to be installed on a rooftop area covering ~1,500 sq. feet. Tier 1 Panel Make (25 years of output warranty, Efficiency>16%)

- Grid-tied Inverter (3-Phase): Delta/ABB/Growatt – IP65

- Mounting Structure: Combination of GI, SS, MS as required

- Balance of System: DC (4 sqmm 1C) and AC (8 sqmm 4C) 

- Cables-Polycab/Finolex/Eqvt., Wires, Charge Controllers, ACDB, Surge Protector, Earthing Kit (GI Type), Lightening Arrestor (Cu Type), Junction Box (Polycarbonate IP65)



The expected lifetime savings after successful deployment of project Oorja is ~INR 93 lakhs. This project shall also reduce the annual electricity usage by 70-80%* and the net impact would be equivalent to the impact of planting 2,310 trees. 

Investment in solar-powering proves to be manifold better than investing the same sum in an FD (at 8% returns p.a.). Apart from that, the reduced dependency on institute's power supply, reduced recurring expenditure on electricity and all-time access to power are some of the outcomes we expect from this project.

*Assuming 6% increase in electricity prices every year and 1% reduction in system output

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