e-Shala- Solar-powered classes in Addagal Rural School

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  Addagal, Karnataka, India

e-Shala- Solar-powered classes in Addagal Rural School
Bringing digital education in Addagal Government High School through solar-powered classrooms

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According to the last ASER (Annual Status of Education Report)  2011, more than half of the students in Grade 5,  lack in reading and numeracy skills (equivalent to 2nd graders). In India, over 70% of students study at local government schools, which operate within limited means and the teacher plays a very critical role towards quality of education. A program that strengthens the teacher-student interaction while helping improve numerical, scientific and communication learning outcomes, is much needed. Moreover, the reliance on electricity provision needs to be reduced and alternative methods of classroom learning need to be introduced.



The e-Shala program has been uniquely designed to meet the needs of both students and teachers by creating an environment fostering student-teacher interaction and developing the spirit of questioning. This program has been put together by different organizations (Menda Foundation, SELCO foundation, Children's Love Castle Trust and Powers of 10) with the aim to enhance learning in rural schools. Under this program a latest solar-powered LED television (with solar-panels hosted on roofs of the school) will be installed in one of the classrooms. Syllabus based content (for grades 8, 9 and 10) in English/Kannada for 3 subjects (Maths, Science and English) will  be loaded onto a device which is attached to the television. A teacher-training session equips teachers with the expertise to effectively use the tool. They are  also provided with a hand-held tablet containing the full course material. 

For ensuring good upkeep of the equipment, the school contributes towards the annual maintenance contract of 5 years with SELCO.



Significant benefits of implementing the e-Shala program include improvement in quality of classroom teaching, increasing attendance, reducing drop-outs, enhancing ability to visualize for better understanding and retention of the subject. The set-up also supplements resource material for teachers to facilitate lesson planning. The usage of clean solar-powered technology promotes sustainability thinking. The program is designed to sustain and create a long term impact. It will reach out to 75 students from the current batch of the High School and another 5 batches that graduate from the school.
The school has been selected based on their need and willingness of teachers to eagerly imbibe this program for helping their students.

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