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I wish to raise funds in my individual capacity.

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This means your project can be partially executed if part of the budget is raised.
Ex: If a solar lamp costs INR 1000 and you want 30 such lamps, then if only INR 12000 is raised by the end of the project, you'd be able to cater to 12 beneficiaries as total collection will be transferred to you.

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This is the number of days for which people can endorse your project.(Recommended: 30-60 days)

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I acknowledge that the aforementioned information is to the best of my knowledge and any misinformation will have serious repercussions.
I authorize LetsEndorse to automatically send computer-generated tax-exemption receipts to donors (a copy of each will be shared with you). Read More

- LetsEndorse shall retrieve 6.9% (including taxes and payment gateway charges) of the funds raised through the platform and transfer the rest to the NGO within 10 days of successful fundraising.
- Donors shall be automatically issued a computer-generated tax-exemption receipt on behalf of the NGO for the complete amount they contributed. The receipt shall bear sequential custom serial numbers and a copy of each receipt will be provided to the NGO.









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