Vardhishnu – Social Research & Development Society’ is a Non Profit, Non-Governmental organization registered under the Societies Act, 1860 and Bombay Trust Act, 1950, with its registered office in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. Vardhishnu has been established with an aim to work on specific social issues through study / research and implementation of findings.

Vardhishnu is working with out-of-school children specially child waste pickers and child labours to enrich their educational status. It is running community learning centers 'Anandghar' since last around 4 years. Through this endeavour we have sucessfully enrolled more than 100 out-of-school children into the schools.

Vardhishnu is established by a young group of friends who wants to use their knowledge and skills for the betterment of the society. 

Before beginning our programmes we did 'Socio-Economic Analysis of Waste Pickers working Jalgaon city. It all started with a series of questions. Waste pickers are people who roam around the city early in the mornings as well as in the midnights to collect 'valuable' waste / garbage and sell it to Kabadiwalas at a negligible cost. Ironocally people wants their cities and colonies to be clean but they are least concerned about who does it. We never thought about who are these people? From where do they come? How much they earn? How they can manage to work in a smell which we cant even bear from two minutes?

We had all these questions in our mind. What we did is, we went into the field and interacted with more than 400 waste pickers. Data such as their name, educational status, health and addiction was collected. Results of this survey were deplorable. They emphasis a need to work on three important aspects of human life; education, health and de-addiction.

As an organisation we thought that educational is a domain through which we can tackle issue of health and addiction also and This is how our journey started......

Our mission is to support and strengthen peoples’ action for achieving sustainable development through research, awareness campaigns, workshops, trainings and exposure, networking and advocacy and supporting in effective implementation.

To achieve the world where equivalence, transparency and effectiveness are the norms in socio-economical, cultural governance and decision making as well.

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