Given the specific nature of rural and tribal people what is required is a micro level approach with thorough understanding of tribal culture as well as their specific needs. Being aware of general approach adopted for rural and tribal development and sensitized towards rural and tribal needs and the "exploitation"blues of tribal people, a few philanthropists ventured to address the specific needs of rural and tribal people in Telengana. This gave birth to "SPERDS". SPERDS is a social organisation based in Medak, Telengana. We work for children and women towards development of health, education, income generation especially on all round development of under priveledged children and women empowerment.

Undertaking capacity building activities for rural and tribal people and inculcating skills through training programs to ensure exploration of local resources for the betterment of their socioeconomic status and a better standard of living.

To ensure rural and tribal people lead a comfortable way of life having requisite facilities in terms of economic development and accessible social infrastructure. To make them aware of their rights, and practice them in the contemporary society.

The main purpose of SPERDS is to sustain the development of women in the target area. Hence, the focus of SPERDS is on empowering women, the specific objectives would be: - Sensitize the rural community, particularly women, on the locally available opportunities for increasing employment and income. - Increase the awareness of the rural community, specifically women to empower them on various aspects that, directly and indirectly affect their socioeconomic condition. - Promote demand based Income Generating Activities by women as group that helps the families generate additional income. - Promote education development both in quantitative and qualitative terms and make a special effort to minimize inequalities, thus providing equal opportunities for all children. - Awareness camp on HIV, pregnant women, women and child education, child marriages.

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Snapshot corresponding to fiscal year
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