Founded in 2015, Reaching Sky Foundation is a youth oriented non-governmental organization based in New Delhi. Our mission is to wisely direct the power of youth in India, with an increased understanding of social issues along with the desire to be the initiators and value generators thus bringing the change admired. We can presently be also understood as fresh group of social entrepreneurs operating on local levels with a vision to grow to national level in an effort to enhance the potential of individuals for creating powerful society which is not only well employed but also practices the fundamental and human rights.

  • To develop a socially conscious society by instilling social values in people and enabling youth capacity building. 
  • To foster the younger minds with fundamental education and holistic development of oneself 
  • To develop life skills among Youth, so that they become self reliant, self sufficient and act as a resource in the society
  • To make leaders from today’s generation by providing them the opportunities to learn, polish and nurture their personalities
  • To help the underprivileged sections of the country so that they can matchup with their stronger counterparts

To develop a world where people are empowered with social values, quality education and leadership skills

Snapshot corresponding to fiscal year
Snapshot corresponding to fiscal year
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