Swapnopuron is a non-government organization created by a group of open mined, ever green, enthusiastic, dedicated professional like, social work professional, educationist and women activist, legal activist.

All have expertise in their own field. Therefore activities have chosen in the field are well managed by the organisation. 

SWS is a community based organisation work towards education, child & women empowerment, capacity building & livelihood promotion. Swapnopuron aspires to improve the living conditions of the poor and marginalized specially of women, children and youth by adopting strategies through community initiative and participation and sensitization.

Founded in 2012, the organisation has work among backward communities in the interior rural pockets of north 24-parganas,west bengal, child education, child protection, child rights and community sensitization have been taken as the base for all interventions.

We collaborate with a range of experts from around India, state and community services agencies, training agencies, research centres, marketing agencies and government departments.

We can make a valuable contribution through our expertise in:

 collecting, analysing baseline data and reporting,

 developing methodologies for designing livelihood model for replication

 implementing the entire activities

 coordinating with the stakeholders

 monitoring, reviewing and evaluating the capacity building based livelihood  


 documenting the process of implementation stage including success stories and learning.  

Our services are provided by highly competent members of the organisation who have contemporary skills and knowledge’s in areas including:

• demography, sociology, anthropology.

• livelihood creation,

• capacity building for multifarious activities

• welfare service delivery

• education, law and rights of women and children.

• organising non-farm skill training on various trades.

• promoting and managing groups in grass root.

• liasoning with different agencies.

• documentation and preparation of report.

Most of our members are of postgraduate and above level. They bring multi-disciplinary expertise and a variety of academic and research experience and cultural perspectives to guide the work of staff.

To foster a supportive, creative and caring & joyful environment with particular emphasis on physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development of the children so that they grow into responsible and humane citizen of our beautiful world. Core values that drive the process of development are sustainability, social and gender equity and community participation.

The intervention are based on the following focal area:

 child education

 child protection 

 capacity building

 health 

 awareness generation

Our vision is to touch millions of lives and spread happiness to the underprivileged people. SWS values the individuality, innate creativity and latent potential of each child and woman. It understand that no child should be left behind,no women should be left behind – and each one has the need to be successful in whatever she or he wishes to do in life; thereby enabling the individual to fulfill his or her dreams and aspirations.

 SWS strives to improve the quality of life of rural poor through education by strengthening their existing programs on education, child protection and women empowerment.

 Strengthening and mobilizing local child protection committee.

 Developing community owned and managed institutions to sustain the child protection program

 Developing well trained and highly capable local service providers to provide timely support to the members.

 Working in collaboration with the government and the industry along with non-government domestic and international development organisations.

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Snapshot corresponding to fiscal year
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