HealthBox India trains and works with community health workers to diagnose health issues especially affecting women. Special attention is paid to diabetes, anemia and various cancers. Following diagnosis health care is directly provided and where necessary referrals are made to specialists. Improving the health of women has an enormous impact on the health and well-being of a whole family and the community.

In India 4 major NCDs, viz, Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes , Cancer, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease account for 60% of mortality. Uterine cervix and breast cancer are the most common cancers in Indian women.

Key factors linked to the onset and course of these NCDs are tobacco use and exposure, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, alcohol misuse, indoor and ambient air pollution, stress ,poverty (both as a cause and consequence) ,poor health seeking behavior and low access to health care services.

Even though Risk factors for NCDs are similar for men and women , women are more vulnerable and susceptible to Non communicable diseases due to many biological and social causes.

Women are often impacted by NCDs during their most productive years causing premature death, disability and suffering, low productivity Higher household expenditures, including for health care.

To promote women’s health through outreach services, focusing preventive education, early detection and care continuum for non-communicable diseases.

Enhancing health outreach and connecting women to care.

Health Promotion, primary prevention, early detection and adequate management are the key to controlling these diseases.

At Health Box we use a 4 pronged approach to achieve this through our Non Communicable Diseases Screening Programme.

1. Health workers go into community creating awareness and recruiting women for specialized out reach health services

2. Health education and risk reduction counseling is done at the out reach service through appropriate video shows

3. Screening test for Diabetes , Hypertension , Cancer breast, Cancer cervix, COPD and Anemia are offered to women at the out reach service

4. Treatment, appropriate referrals and follow up is done

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Snapshot corresponding to fiscal year
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