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FOCUS was established in 1985 as the result of coming together of grass root organizations and a resolution adopted in International Youth Year observed in the same year participated by International Communities and Donor agencies at Kolkata. At Present we are working for Educational support for continuation of sustainable education for the downtrodden and underprivileged 800 children of city slums. Supporting anti-Child Labour program for eradicating the evil from the society. Functional literacy classes for the empowerment of women and adolescent girls of our society. Vocational Trainings and Hand Trades classes and training have been given to the adult women and girls to make them independent in their life. Formation of Community Based Organization for building up Local Leadership and their confidence to raise voice for their own rights. Running Open Shelter Home and Night Shelter for Street Children and left out children. Study and Research on different social issues such as Women Empowerment, Child Marriage, Child Abuse, Child Labour, Child Protection and Human Trafficking have been taken under process. Acceptance of placement of students from National and International Institutes such as University of Hong Kong, Japanese University, Rabindra Bharati University, IGNOU, Jay Prakash Institute of Social Sciences. Micro entrepreneurship training and micro credit support to women headed families for better livelihood support. 

FOCUS had the privilege and the opportunities to work closely with National and International agencies like UNICEF, ILO, City Bank New York, Trickle-up Program (USA), DOEN Foundation (Netherlands), Bread for the World Germany, Duetche Kolkata Group, Ministry of Women & Child Development, Ministry of Labour Government of India, reputed corporate importantly Apeejay Surendra Group etc.

Forum of Communities United in Service FOCUS is an NGO working for socio-economic upliftment of the underprivileged population, especially women and children, living in the slums, squatter settlements and pavements of Kolkata and Howrah. Before the establishment in 1985, large numbers of community workers were working independently in small communities in different parts of the city of Kolkata. The organization was established in order to unite these slum communities and to strengthen the grass-root voluntary development work as well as to highlight the problems the bustee populations are facing and draw attention to these issues in the national and international level, as well as take part in infrastructure development. FOCUS is registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act, has been working in slums and shanties of Tiljala, Dhapa, Tangra, Topsia, Narkeldanga, Rajabazar, Bangla Bustee, Metiabruz, Gandhinagar (Garden Reach), Beck Bagan, Park Circus, Kasia Bagan, Bedford Lane, Kumedan Bagan, Lower Range (Bunder Patti). The organization initially started with training programmes aimed towards bustee volunteers, especially women, as well as capacity building of local small groups, grass-root organizations and CBOs through various training and orientation programmes. The most important objectives of the training programme were to ensure effective delivery of available services and information and to identify local resources for the development of intending community and sustainability. Hence, FOCUS has a long experience of mainstreaming bustee population through various education and training programmes for especially destitute and vulnerable children, such as street children as well as out-of-school children. FOCUS has also much experience in issue-based work with local organizations during communal riots, evictions and in other disasters. FOCUS has delivered services at the time of social crises and natural calamities. FOCUS has also implemented a programme for the upliftment of rag-picker children. This rag-pickers programme provided non-formal education as well as health care and recreation for these children. Door to door waste collection system was also established and the children received training to handle and separate different kinds of recyclable materials from the collected waste using hand gloves. The children were also provided with uniforms. The door to door waste collection system brought about a remarkable change in habit of throwing waste to the streets and lead to overall cleanliness of the premises as well as the surrounding areas.FOCUS has also worked with the UN agencies like ILO, UNICEF, World Bank and other International Donor Agencies on the innovative schemes for the benefit of the urban poor and strengthening Right based opportunities to demand from the Government for equality, justice and empowerment.

Develop and Empowered Society with Women and Children through Education, Health, Social Participation and Economic Self Reliance.

Improved Quality of Life of Women and Children living in Difficult Circumstances and mainstreaming them in Society.

We follow Community Based & Need Based Approaches through social participation as follow:

1. Survival Based Approach

2. Developmental Based Approach

3. Empowered Based Approach

4. Right Based Approach

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Snapshot corresponding to fiscal year
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