Diya Foundation (DIYA) is a Vocational Training Center cum Sheltered Workshop in Bangalore providing training and employment to differently abled individuals. Founded in 1999, DIYA is a registered charitable Trust. The idea for the center grew out of a growing need for vocational training once basic schooling is completed. Adults with special needs leaving the school program are ill equipped to deal with life's challenges in independent living skills as well as in the world of work. At Diya, adults with special needs are taken on a journey of self discovery through training on Daily Living Skills, Personal-Social skills, Communication Skills, Work skills and Occupational Guidance and Preparation in areas like clerical readiness, retail, hospitality, housekeeping, multimedia and data entry training.

The need of the hour is to tap the potential of a workforce that has so far been greatly ignored. The focus at Diya is on Vocational Education and Livelihood training for the differently abled.
In the last 16 years Diya has impacted about 150 adults every year with intellectual challenges and touched and made life altering changes in over 450 lives. The work skills training imparted is put to use in the Sheltered Workshop where “hands on” training is given in completing orders for Diya’s product line from individuals and corporates. Every trainee receives an allowance for a job well done.
Diya’s aim and goal is to empower differently abled individuals to work, earn and live a life of respect and love.
Individuals with an intellectual challenge have had life altering changes in their self esteem, self dependence and productivity through systematic and consistent training in the Diya training program. They have learnt personal grooming skills, household management, work skills, communication skills and and are in the process of looking at occupational guidance and employment.

To enrich the quality of life and bring dignity to differently abled adults by training them in life skills and vocational skills, building support systems and enhancing awareness.

To see individuals with a disability and their families alive with dignity and pride in the present and operating with love, respect and confidence in the future.

We have established a training module to equip adults who are intellectually challenged become self dependent, confident and productive citizens. Our vision is to fine tune and expand the training and employment opportunities to impact over 500 adults with intellectual challenges by 2025. The project needs to get in additional special educators/ trainers who will be able fine tune the different areas. 

We are looking at a three year training program. During the three years wewish to ensure different ways of having Corporate employee engagement in our Life skills, Work-skills, Art therapy and Movement & Play therapy classes on an ongoing, consistent basis. We also would like to set up small satellites with sibling and parent support to start varied employment options for the trainees leaving the training program.

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