Child Aid Foundation is a legally registered, government recognized, non-profit, non-political, secular, public charitable trust. Child Aid provides comprehensive aid and care to underprivileged children, boys and girls, of all ages and academic levels on both a residential and non-residential basis. Such aid and care includes food, clothing, shelter, personal supplies, medical care, education, education supplies, and initial job placement assistance. 

C.A.F. is running several residential and non-residential children's aid and care projects from their center in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is fully supported by a very large, and ever-growing, number of compassionate and generous people in Andhra Pradesh, in India, and around the world. 

At the organization's center, you can see how Child Aid Foundation is molding various types of disadvantaged children into well-educated, self-reliant young adults with many various good occupations including professions. You can also see how Child Aid Foundation helps the children to become successful and beneficial members of society, and how they then help the society in return. 

The Child Aid Foundation was founded and is being administrated by a very reputable board of trustees coming from various professions and sections of society. Being completely unrelated to each other, they came together only for the sole goal of helping poor and needy children. The organization was officially registered on June 1st, 1993.

The Founder & Director of Child Aid Foundation is Dr. A. Goswami (adopted Indian name), Ph.D. Born, raised, and educated in the New York City area of the U.S.A. He came to India in the 1980's for personal touring and research. It was not his plan to either remain in India or to start a social service organization. During his extensive travels throughout the length and breadth of the country, he repeatedly encountered many very poor and needy children such as slum children, street children, child laborers, and even juvenile delinquents. He was very moved by their plight and inspired to help them. Thus, the seed for the Child Aid Foundation was planted. Dr. Goswami acquired Indian citizenship and started working with such children in 1988 in an informal way on a trial basis. By 1993, the degree of success was such that he decided it was necessary to start a formal organization. Consequently, on June 1st, 1993, the Child Aid Foundation was established. Since then, there has been no looking back!

To enable disadvantaged children to pursue and complete their educations to as high a level as they desire and are capable of achieving.

Many innocent children are forced into critical situations through no fault of their own. If they do not receive aid and support, they become child laborers, street children, or even juvenile delinquents. Child Aid Foundation identifies and saves these types of children. In this way, it works in the areas of prevention and cure as it deals with both; the causes. and the effects. Child Aid Foundation transforms the very dependent and fragile child into an educated, confident, and self-reliant young adult in as short a time as possible. In this way, the maximum possible number of children are helped in the minimum possible time. A great number of children have already been saved and become assets to the society and country in which they live.

The number of children being referred and directly coming to Child Aid Foundation is ever increasing. It is necessary, therefore, to increase both the quality and quantity of care within the present center. Additionally, Child Aid Foundation is opening branch offices in various important cities. Subsequently, when the response and support from any city becomes sufficient, a full-fledged center will be started in that city.

All underprivileged and disadvantaged children must complete their educations, become fully self-reliant, and become beneficial members of the society as well as country.

When you think of charity and social service in India, think of Child Aid Foundation organization and its projects. Child Aid Foundation is a leading, poor and needy child, aid and care organization. The following unique features make it "The Foundation of a Child's Life"! 

1. A non-profit, non-political, secular, public charitable trust. The leading N.G.O. in Andhra Pradesh, India working in the areas of child welfare, child education, and child development. Serving and saving impoverished children since 1993 

2. Helping children from anywhere 

3. Helping both boys and girls 

4. Helping children of all ages and academic levels 

5. Helping on both a residential and non-residential basis 

6. Providing comprehensive aid and care with the aim of enabling poor and needy children to pursue and complete their educations to as high a level as they desire and are capable of achieving 

7. Registered with and officially recognized by the government. Granted 12-A tax exemption status by the government (Income Tax Department). 

8. Granted 80-G Income Tax Act registration. All donations are tax deductible. 

9. Granted F.C.R.A. registration and permission by the central government (Ministry of Home Affairs). Approved to receive contributions in foreign currencies and from foreign sources. 

10. Non-dependent on governmental or foreign institutional funding 

11. Supported by many private individual donations in cash and kind. Any size of donation, in cash or kind, gratefully accepted 

12. A unique variety of donation schemes to choose from that suit everyone's preferences and budgets 

13. Reputable board of trustees 

14. Qualified and dedicated staff 

15. Genuine, reputable, credible, and transparently managed 

16. Inspection visits are most welcome and requested 

17. A Telugu Association of North America (T.A.N.A.) official "Supported Project" 

18. A GIVE India official "Partner N.G.O." 

19. A "Credibility Alliance" official "Member" N.G.O. 

20. An "Asha for Education" officially "Supported Project" 

21. A "Charities Aid Foundation official "Charity Partner" 

22. An Gupta Family Foundation official "Supported Organization"

23. A "NWA Aashraya" "Supported N.G.O."

23. A very genuine, reputable, credible, and transparently managed N.G.O.

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Snapshot corresponding to fiscal year
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