Trashonomics is a book that aims to empower children to lead the change and become change-maker. The book available in English and Kannada has 5 easy chapters with hands-on activities that will help children understand the concepts of waste management better. Trashonomics can be included as the supplemental chapter to Environmental Science and can be taught in a minimum of 3 sessions.

Trashonomics by SWMRT, is a play on the words “Trash” and “Economics” and is about the study of solid waste and its environmental, health and financial impact. We live in a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to live a life of harmony with nature and our environment. The convenience of the use and throw culture has become so deeply ingrained in our daily lives that it seems almost impossible to think of another way to be. The Earth as we know it, is changing and it is imperative that children, tomorrow's citizens are able to revisit and rethink some of the flawed habits that brought us to the brink and to understand how our welfare is dependent on the earth and its well being. Children are the best changemakers and this book aims to empower them to lead the change by redefining the historical narrative on waste as something to be thrown away.
It will help them understand the importance of waste segregation and the absolute necessity of the three R's - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle - given the current obsession with disposables. It will also introduce them to the simple process of composting and help them see their food waste as a resource that can feed them as well as rejuvenate the earth. The activities are designed to further their understanding of the above in an experiential manner.

The innovation


The team behind this book had initially done a recce of all books related to waste management, including those in the school curriculum. They realized that none of them gave the true picture of the situation we are in vis a vis waste management, beyond brushing over the basics at a macro level. Trashonomics will transform the way people look at trash and help create a new paradigm.

Environmental Impact


This book will help address multiple issues related to pollution and help regenerate soil health through its focus on segregation and composting. The new generation will be more respectful and protective of the natural resources.



It will create a new brood of aware citizens who will be waste wise, empowered to change consumer patterns and create a better world. Clean segregated waste will provide dignity of labour to waste pickers.



The book will create a buzz around the recycling industry and help generate more employment around the same. It will facilitate a market for more sustainable, local and earth friendly products.

Local Solutions
Environmental Science
Waste MAnagement
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 Book was launched by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board on World Environment Day, 2016