Folding Phoropter refractive error screening device is ultra-low cost, made out of paper. It can be easily assembled and used by anyone to quantify the clarity of the vision.

Folding Phoropter is a refractive error screening device which is being developed at Srujana Center for Innovation, L V Prasad Eye Institute. The device is a pair of retractable paper tubes embedded with a lens on each. User can move the tubes while looking through it towards a target in order to see it clearly, resembling a telescope. On getting the clear image the scale embedded on the device shows the approximate value of the refractive error. Folding Phoropter can be manufactured at a very low cost, it is extremely easy to use by most of the age groups and easily portable.

The innovation


Currently, available solutions or testing devices are used by trained eye care personnel to measure refractive errors. These devices cost $1000-$3500 USD and require a significant additional labor cost. In contrast, the device is extremely facile to manufacture, assemble and transport, the shipping of the device is akin to shipping sheets of paper in a large envelope. It can be used by anyone with minimal or no training, including school teachers, public health workers and vision guardians. Hence, the cost involved in each test would significantly reduce and the device penetration would be much higher. With this nature of the device, it can be reached to all corners of the world very easily wherever it is needed.

Environmental Impact


The device made out of biodegradable paper makes extremely eco-friendly. The lenses are made of glass which can be reused.



It will help avoid uncorrected refractive error and individuals will be able to do their day to day tasks independently and responsibly.



The device being ultra low cost, priced at approx < $5, is negligible to the impact of awareness and improvement in the lifestyle of an individual it would give.

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Ashish Jain
Industrial Designer
 Recipient of Clearly Vision Award in Oct 2016