It converts tap water to safe drinking water and charges only for the pure water consumed.
This is done by installing a connected water purifier which measures the quality and quantity of water dispensed at the customer’s point of use

WaterWala is an attempt to ease the access of drinking water. These water purifiers can be installed at Schools and Public Place in the neglected areas of our society enabling the access to pure drinking water. It removes Dust and Visible impurities, prevents scaling resulting in improved purification capacity and increased life. Post Carbon filter, it stabilizes the water tasting qualities and further removes any traces of bad tastes and odours. Watarwala monitors the quality and quantity of water dispensed using the information to charge the customer and schedule proactive maintenance.

The innovation


The purifier is always connected to the Internet and is being continuously monitored. Intelligent Algorithm switches off the purifier in case of any critical parts failure or malfunction. Costumer can see the status of Purifier and schedule service visits through the Prime App.

Environmental Impact


All the fittings and components in the purifier are push fit to prevent leakages and wastage of water.



The water purifier charges only for the water consumed and the plan starts from Re1/- per litre

remote areas
safe drinking water
quality water
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