It is India's first cigarette waste recyclers and uses it to make BIS approved and quality approved keychains, soft toys; organic manure and have the vision to create fly-ash bricks. It ensures zero waste and conserves our depleting environment in the most environmentally responsible manner.

It collects cigarette waste from individual smokers, Cigarette vendors, corporate organizations and ragpickers on subscription based policies. It exchanges the waste with money from the customer. It also provides VBins, Cigarette waste collection bins to the customers along with the subscription plans. The Cigarette waste is recycled and three by-products are made.
First, the leftover tobacco and paper are converted into manure since it is biodegradable in nature. The manure is sold in the market by the name Organic Manure. Second, the polymer is recycled using a chemical solution and after lab approvals, it is used as a stuffing in keychains, soft toys, etc. The keychains are sold in the market by the name of VMAKE. Third, it has a vision to create fly-ash bricks from the residual ash collected with the waste. It recycles the waste water generated during the recycling of polymer as well and uses it for further processing. It has a concept of making air purifiers (to be used for industrial and chimney usage) using the polymer due to absorbing characteristics of the same.

The innovation


With zero disposal of Cigarette waste in India, it is providing a better option for disposal. Since cigarette waste is plastic in nature, it takes 10-12 years to decompose and is toxic in nature. Cigarette waste is the top most discarded waste worldwide and very harmful for the environment. It recycles cigarettes waste and make it 99% safe and produce products like a substitute for cotton in stuffed by-products, organic manure and fly-ash bricks. It is India's first Cigarette waste recycling firm and ensures zero waste.

Environmental Impact


It is helping towards sustainability and clean living. It is eradicating Cigarette waste, top most discarded waste worldwide.



The policies help society earn monetarily as well as non-monetarily. Socially, people have realised the importance of recycling.



The policies provide huge benefits in money terms. The customers earn an ample amount of income to upbring a positive change in his daily life.

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