4th UN Global Road Safety Week in India

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  New Delhi, Delhi, India

4th UN Global Road Safety Week in India
UNGRSW seeks to increase understanding of the dangers of speed among youth and save lives.

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Every 4 minutes a life is lost due to road accidents in India. Last year, more than 1.5 lakh people lost their lives due to road accidents in India. A large amount of these crashes happen due to over speeding.

The 4th edition of the Road Safety Week will be held from 8-14 May 2017 all across the world. The Week will focus on speed and what can be done to address this key risk factor for road traffic deaths and injuries. Speed contributes to around one-third of all fatal road traffic crashes in high-income countries, and up to half in low- and middle-income countries. Countries successfully reducing road traffic deaths have done so by prioritizing safety when managing speed. The 4th UN Global Road Safety Week seeks to increase understanding of the dangers of speed and generate action on measures to address speed, thereby saving lives on the roads. 

Road accidents accounts to loss of 3% GDP every year and everyday more than 20 children under the age of 14 die in India, hence showing how it is a very important and neglected issue.

This week will focus on creating awareness about the same. 



A series of 50+ events will be organized in collaboration by Indian Road Safety Campaign in association with Delhi Traffic Police and WHO Country Head India, across 21 locations in Delhi to aware people about various aspects of road-safety.

The details of the events are: 
1. Message to Masses organized at 14 speeding junctions across Delhi to aware the people driving the vehicle.
2. Painting competition, Essay writing competition and Traffic quiz on road safety for schools across Delhi to aware the kids about the important aspects of road safety
3. Street Plays at 4 major locations to aware people about the importance of road safety in an important manner 
4. Run for a Cause: A 10 km run being organized to aware the pedestrians on road to experience the streets of Delhi in a manner they have never done before and running a marathon while following all rules 
5. First responder workshops being organized by AIIMS doctors and Save Life Foundation to aware the students, guards and support staff in various colleges including IIT Delhi, as to how to react in case of emergency.
6. Various online events to aware the people about the various aspects of road safety in a competitive manner using social media. 

Join the event here to stay updated about the various stuff being organized during the week: https://www.facebook.com/events/1874668476135770/



Through the week we are trying to target all the age groups that form the key chunk of the road-users and are trying to make sure that the issue of overspeeding is brought to attention so that we can request people to join our endeavor and slow down.

The impact created is very wide because the week entails some of the important aspects of road safety i.e. First Responder training that teaches that how the person react when he sees an accident victims and a proper first responder can save his life. Training of the guards and the house keeping staff will ensure that these people can act in case of emergency and save lives of students. Awareness on over-speeding junctions will try to create long -lasting people on people while they are driving so that they can follow rules and whenever they will cross that junction in future, they will remember about the issue.

The activities being performed in the schools will help the kids to learn about the aspect in a fun manner and will lead to them being safe on roads and also request their parents to be safe on roads.

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