Opening the closed gates of Govt. Run Homes

Danapur, Bihar, India | 01/06/1984 to Present

This innovative experimentation of Bal Sakha, had paid an excellent dividend to us in promoting child participation in Government Homes in Bihar & Jharkhand.


It is well known facts that children once put in these institutions have no opportunity to mix with the external world and are confined within the boundaries of these institutions. This creates a feeling in children of rejection from the society & they in return start hating the entire world.

The program is divided into two parts. During the first half of the program, the children played different creative games and made some skill enhancing paintings. The objective is the confidence building and opening them to enjoy the Right of Participation.

During the second session the guests from all stream of society, i.e., NGOs, prominent persons from civil society, Administration, Judiciary, Police, etc. are invited to make them feels essence of community living.

From Ideation to Impact