Divinity and Brilliance

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India | 2010 to Present

A young lass, who showed sheer excellence and outstanding progress in development, is definitely a Gem of great value in the treasure chest called Navachethana


Meet Divya! A 25 year old, who comes to Navachethana in public bus everyday!! Also, she brings a small girl to the Organisation along with her. She maintains a calm presence and is loved by all

Divya found it hard to tell different shapes, colors and had no sense of taste. Although she was an introvert, violence was her second name and had no peace of mind

Her behaviour has made a drastic change and she helps younger children with activities and eating. Divya can identify all the spices and her hygiene has improved. She is still an introvert but never violent!

From Ideation to Impact


Helping nature that won hearts


Works as a small time help for us!

From a Mentally Challenged to an Independent Woman

I choose not to place 'DIS' in my ABILITY

Robert M Hensel