Bal Samvad Adalat

Danapur, Bihar, India | 23/02/1984 to Present

Where children can meet their parents in the juvenile homes


Leading an isolated life, confined within the four walls of different homes inculcates negative attitude in the supple personalities of children, which is further inflated if confined for a prolonged period, resulting into their depilated and vagrant personality.

The wards, when grown up, having all the possibilities of turning them into an evil practitioner, a sore for the civilized society and a huge loss to the nation a whole. Such interactions with children compelled us to think of its possible and practical solution, so that their agonies could be eased, at least to an extent. Upon brainstorming into the matter we came up with an idea to conduct the “Bal Samvad Adalat” (Children Interactive court), whereby the presence of parents should be mandatory.

During one of the regular meetings, “Development in implementation of J J Act”, at the conference hall of Patna High Court, Mr. Sanat Kumar Sinha proposed that a provision similar to Lok Adalat be devised for utmost justice to children who, otherwise always remain on receiving end. A directive for conducting Bal Samvad Adalat on every last Saturday of the month in every District of Bihar by the State Legal Service Authority was issued on the advice of the High Court, Patna.

From Ideation to Impact


Attitude in Children


of Juvenile Justice Act